Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Private Island (124)

In the year 2045, a rich college brat destroys a University and its Chancellor by posting a video so vile that it gets him declared an enemy of the state. His punishment is exile from the planet.

Published in A JOURNEY YOU SAY
Available at CREATE SPACE
Available at AMAZON

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Night Dickie Ward's Tongue Stuck To The Flagpole (WT 81)

Three teenage brothers confront an alien threat at their family Ice Hockey Rink that wants to turn them into mechanical monsters with living parts.

Published in DIESELPUNK an anthology edited by Sean Monaghan (Venus Vulture) and published on CREATE SPACE in print AMAZON in print.

All the Days of Our Lives (133)

An abandoned child rises through the crime syndicates to run the brothels and speakeasies in Capital City. when a robbery goes bad, he is sent to prison for murder. There are punishments that crush the spirit, destroy the body, and inspire revolution. A prison story in Steampunk with diesels, war machines, locomotives, cyborgs, and finally fireworks.

Published in STEAMPUNK, an anthology of metal and machines edited by Sean Monaghan (Venus Vulture) and available from CREATE SPACE in print and AMAZON in print.

A Meteorite Struck Lance Last Week (WT 77)

A tiny chunk of meteor hits the star player of a world-championship Rugby team. It starts to turn his body into living metal and that causes all sorts of grief at airport security. But does our star player simply roll over and play dead, tragically whimpering in self-doubt or does our star player take the bull by the horns and create a new life? That is the question.

Published  in A BUTTERFLY IN CHINA an anthology edited by Sean Monaghan (Venus Vulture News) available on AMAZON in print, and CREATE SPACE in print.

Cyborg Harrow Genesis (WT 54)

What would happen if micromachines, nannites, could turn human soldiers into metal and silicone weapons of war. Would humanity survive the war or would the nannites simply take over everything and declare peace with the other nannites?  Only one man can save the world of flesh and blood humanity from destruction. What is the price he must pay?

Published in NOIR, an anthology in memory of Chuck Turner edited by Chris Bartholomew of Static Movement. Available from AMAZON in print and CREATE SPACE in print.

The Campeche Aquarium (128)

If a butterfly flaps its wings in China... too abstract a thought.

If a doctoral student deflowers the University President's Daughter in a viral video, what sort of job can he expect to get after graduation? Would even a drug lord hire him?
Maybe... There are fish in Campeche Bay -- Man-made fish paying for their sins and the sins of the father. What strange quirk of fate brought them to this point?

Published in A BUTTERFLY IN CHINA, an anthology by Sean Monaghan available on print from AMAZON, or CREATE SPACE

Monday, March 11, 2013

Space Cadets of the Apocalypse (141)

The world didn't end on Mayan year zero but it tried real hard. The Genetic Plagues nearly ended mankind. Women nearly disappeared. Civilization descended into savagery. I snagged a preferred spot, running one of the military's freeholds, a series of caves, teaching the survivors, abandoned orphaned teens, all boys. It was either teach or be sent into outer space as a robot.

Published online by Perihelion Science Fiction in their March 2013 issue. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Adventures of Sheriff Billy Shane (WT 94)

The Sheriff and Deputy of Chadron Nebraska discover a Magus trying to become a living god and it is up to the two men to stop the Magus. But they aren't alone. The sheriff is related to not one but two Greek gods and in the end, it's party time.


Published on CREATE SPACE in print.

Published on AMAZON in print