Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scarecrow (WT 42a)

Not all heroes have powers and muscles and capes. Some heroes live lonely, solitary lives and care for the ordinary things, lest the ordinary things become unique.
There's a big, black scarecrow in someone's future. If you leave the city life, the rat race and modernity to return to the greener, agricultural lifestyle, what becomes of those touches of modern isolation and loss of ancestral memories?

The original story was first published online in Golden Visions Magazine on March 31, 2009 in the online edition and after 120 days went away as Golden Vision does not maintain an archive of online stories.

A revised version of this story titled "KAKASHI" has been accepted for publication in LOCAL HEROES, an Anthology edited by Brandon Rucker and published by STATIC MOVEMENT late summer or early fall 2011. This will be a reprint.