Saturday, October 31, 2015

Table Butte (153)

There is a man staked out on top of a desert butte with the buzzards flying around. He's been tortured by aliens and mutants but he will survive because he is a demigod and cannot die. Once again, he brings with fire to save the Earth. 

COMING BACK, an anthology from Thirteen O'Clock Press

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Friday, October 09, 2015

(161) Pumpkin Man

Tommy Turner disappeared from Hidden Valley Estates but whispered rumors remained. Rumors of three girls who cast spells, killed a man, freed a demon, and made three boys vanish. Perhaps this was nothing but an errant vision, a bad dream, a night mist. 
But, it happened, after all, on Halloween.

Published in Psychopomp #8 -- free download: click here

Demigods of the Pacific (WT-84)

Think the Sci-Fi version of Fifty Shades of Gray. Captain Tyrece Leanard has been betrothed to his high school sweetheart Estralita Delgado. He thinks that they will be making love on her runabout. However, Estralita wants to become supreme commander of the Pacific Archipelago. While they are making love, large green men with gills climb over the gunwales and kidnap Tyrece. Does he sink into the depths never to appear again or does he rise from the deep like a new Poseidon to rule the Pacific?

Published in Psychopomp #8 -- free download: click here