Friday, October 09, 2015

Demigods of the Pacific (WT-84)

Think the Sci-Fi version of Fifty Shades of Gray. Captain Tyrece Leanard has been betrothed to his high school sweetheart Estralita Delgado. He thinks that they will be making love on her runabout. However, Estralita wants to become supreme commander of the Pacific Archipelago. While they are making love, large green men with gills climb over the gunwales and kidnap Tyrece. Does he sink into the depths never to appear again or does he rise from the deep like a new Poseidon to rule the Pacific?

Published in Psychopomp #8 -- free download: click here

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Dave F. said...

There were always two parts to the Tongareva story. This part had very little to do with the original concept other than to worldbuild two decades later.