Monday, January 17, 2011

(WT 82-A,B) The Penis Tree

An exercise between friends. Use the three word title to create a story.
In addition to the title, There were four themes: Impalement, Absorption, Satyrs/Nymphs, Zombies

The ZOMBIE theme became story 87D.
The SATYR/NYMPH/ mythical creature - succubus theme became a ghost story 87C. Why did it become a Succubus story? Because not all story ideas can have a same title and atmosphere or tone.

That leaves Impalement and Absorption for 87A and 87B. Both of those are merely ideas floating around the ether.

(WT 82-C) The Devil's Massif

Something happened up on the Devil's Massif. A man's reputation was ruined and his life turned to ashes. Once, She lived in a glade on the Devil's Massif and woe to the man who wandered into her glade.