Saturday, June 30, 2012

City of Blood (WT 111)

There is always something interesting happening in Central City on weekends -- Jazz bands, funky flash mobs, symphony concerts, the midnight screening of Rocky Horror in drag, fancy dinners, dancing at the Waldorf Ballroom for the rich and sophisticated, and even ... the end of the world.
Professional trainer and magician Domenic Gedigold and his buddy from the distant past must deal with a madman who wishes to establish an empire of werewolves. If he fails then Central City will become a City of Blood.

Publilshed WEIRD CITY 3, an anthology edited by George Whilhite
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The Man in the Moon Became My Grandfather (WT 99)

When a child is born, every parent dreams of a future for that child so glorious it is written in golden letters across a sky so vast, it is meaningless to describe. But no child ever lives up to those dreams and thus, every parent's dream dies a little each day. No child born of man could live up to the dreams of that birth. But what happens when a parent gets a second chance? Something truly Mysterious and Wonderful happened in Warehouse Three of Moonbase Alpha. One day our children will step between the stars and write history in bold actions and wondrous deeds.

Published in THE COLONIES, an anthology edited by Shane Collins
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sinopia (127)

Three men on a first contact mission to an Earth-like world crash on a barren limestone landscape. They find refuge in a cave that seems to be a monastery. It is filled with sinopia-colored statues made from limestone and illuminated by a perpetual fire.

Accepted in COLORS, an anthology of flash fiction and poetry edited by Jake Johnson

Friday, June 01, 2012

Snowbound, With Wolves (WT 114)

A camping Expedition on an alien world goes wrong when wolves attack. However, all is not lost, our campers do not become lumps of digested food in the snow, not on this alien world.

Published in in Synaptic Void, an anthology edited by Joe Jablonski
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