Monday, January 07, 2008

Casuality Violation (WT 1)

I posted a chapter of this on my website. It's January's post. In the SCI FI folder:

The second segment is also in the SCI FI folder:

And an earlier segment:

And the place it all started:


Dave said...

Slogged through two typed chapters. Lots of red, more than expected.

I found a second causality violation. The time travelers are multiplying.

Dave said...

I found some text I needed:

Heike Monogatari

The voice of the Gionshoja bell
carries “Nothing will stay.”
The color of the Sarasoju flowers
means “Anyone must die.”
The proud are no exceptions:
fleeting ‘dreams from spring nights.’
So ruin overtakes the strong
like ‘wind upon dust’

Dave said...

paper edit - got through Jimmy Smith and started on the chapter intriducing Lukas Wallace and Darius. . .

Dave said...

halfway through the printed copy...
72 out of 154 pages...

Bernita said...

Sounds much more scientific than my time travel.
Mine's genetic-based.
But I assure you my heroine does not snog someone in the past.

Dave said...

I am thinking that I have to write a synopsis of each chapter. I've done well without it because the path of the novel was clear in my mind.
Stay tuned.

The key to the causality violation is contained in the opening sentence.
"It is so hard to know the future and so easy to know the past."
If you were sent a history book from the future and followed it, would things come out the same? Or by just knowing what happened tomorrow would you change the future?

Changing the course of events in the past from the future is a causality violation.

Dave said...

Chapter-by-Chapter Synopsis for Causality Violation

Prologue - a few words of metaphysics

Chapter 1 - January 2, 2121 – a laboratory hidden near the volcano of Kilauea, Hawaii
Robert Winston must confront a disembodied intellect who has gone crazy. In the process, he forms the first robotic group consisting of himself (Bobby001), Casey001 and Z-Man001. They create the rules governing how digitized brains are used and how they must behave in the world.

Chapter 2 - February 6, 2230 – a Regency Class Freighter headed to the Colony at Orion
Spaceflights, robots X-ray beams and stasis units exist so does communication by Quantum entanglement (instantaneous communication over any distance). Mark-Andre Pederson discovers sentient nanomachines that become the externalization or skin of all robots.

Chapter 3 - July 8, 2343 – an Isolated Farm in Canada
Jimmy Smith, a baby is delivered to its parents. It is a chimera, part human, part organic robot.

Chapter 4 - September 12, 2358 – A Fine Day in Summer with the Boys
Jeff Hayes and Jimmy Smith encounter Uncle John. Jimmy (a chimera) is reprogrammed and Jeff’s mind is blanked out.

Chapter 5 - November 8, 2364 – a University Laboratory on Earth
Jimmy Smith, Professor Andreas Thornton, Malachi Hillenbaugh (Digger) and JB Sargento (Cheese) work on a stasis device that tends to explode things. They discover that it couldn’t have been invented in the past. It is a future device. Without much warning, it causes Jimmy Smith’s body to dissolve and the left over nanomachines take up residence in Digger and Cheese bodies with psychotic results.

Chapter 6 - January 20, 2370 – The Recruits
Luke Wallace and Darius Hyland join the space corps and meet Bobby001 the robot. Bobby001 falls hoplessly in love with Luke Wallace. Bobby001 prepares them for military service and inserts nanomachines into Luke hoping to return to him later on in the story.

Chapter 7 - New Years Day, 2374 – Drunks, Cops, Secrets and Chimera
Bobby001 forcibly conscripts several drug addicts and reveals some secrets.

Chapter 8 - New Years Day, 2374 – Conscripting Cops
A speed trap manned by Patrolman Jeff Hayes (Jimmy Smith’s boyhood friend) catches Bobby001 with strange and troublesome results. Hayes knows something he shouldn’t know.

Chapter 9 - New Years Day, 2374 – Making Robots
We get a good look as to how robots are created and how humanity is being transformed by their creations.

Chapter 10 - New Years Day, 2374 – A Robotic Surprise
Bobby001 and Jeff Hayes discover the truth about Jimmy Smith and the cause of his amnesia. Jimmy Smith is from the future and has been sent back to change the past. However, Bobby001 learns who sent Jimmy Smith into the past and he doesn’t like himself.

Chapter 11 - July 2374 – Torch
Jeff Hayes is transformed into Torch so he can spy on the Ludwig Leichhardt.

Chapter 12 - March 15, 2377 – the Mutiny
The scene switches to the Ludwig Leichhardt on course to a far star. Digger (Malachi Hillenbaugh) the ship’s bully, starts a mutiny by freezing Chad and Darius Hyland. (Chief Engineer and Communications Officer).
They continue with a wrench to Captain Enso’s head and then put First Mate Luke Wallace into stasis.
The announcement is made by Nordstrom and the crew accepts it all as just another work day.

Chapter 13 - March 16, 2377 – the Public Affairs Man
The aftermath of the mutiny where Nordstrom gets adjusted physically and Digger explains his psychosis.

Chapter 14 - March 18, 2377 – Apathy is Our Friend
Digger solidifies his control over the ship and sinks deeper into psychosis.

Chapter 15 - May 3, 2377 – Good Foot Hygiene Always Pays Off
Digger’s psychosis manifests itself physically. He beats up on Captain Enso nearly killing him. The Captain summons help.

Chapter 16 - May 15, 2377 – a Yellow Gingham Dress and Frilly Bonnet
Digger beats up First Mate Luke Wallace and Bobby001 joins the Freighter as a hausfrau. Bobby001 introduces nanomachines into Captain Enso to cure his broken body. Captain Enso, Bobby001 and Luke devise a plan to defeat Digger. They learn of Digger’s plans to raise himself to the status of Emperor of the Ludwig Leichhardt.

Chapter 17 – May 16, 2377 – Celebratory Preparations
Digger is frantic about the preparations for his coronation.
Torch disappears.
Bobby001 reveals the nanomachines in Jeff Hayes (Torch), Captain Enso and Luke Wallace because he is forced to. In order to confront the remains of the chimera living inside Digger (Malachi Hillenbaugh) he has to give up his nanomachines and live the next three hundred years as a metal skeleton. The nanomachines used in the Chimera – Jimmy Smith belonged to Bobby001 and exist 300 years in the future.

Chapter 18 - May 16, 2377 – the Banquet
The confrontation between the Chimera and Bobby001 results in the evil nanomachines being trapped in stasis.

Chapter 19 – June 30, 2377 – Time Passes
The aftermath of Captain Enso being restored to command. Bobby001 and Luke Wallace discuss their now never-to-be love life. Bobby001 leaves. The Captain gives Luke some advice.

Chapter 19 – June 30, 2377 – Secrets on Secrets
Captain Enso and the nanomachines have a heart-to-heart talk and he gives them new orders. The Ludwig Leichhardt is placed in a time field so that only three years pass for the next 500 years of real time.

Chapter 20 – October 7, 2877 – Time Catches Up
The four primes – Bobby001, Casey001, Z-Man and Mark-001 get together. Bobby001 reveals the truth, as he knows it, about the chimera and the causality violation. He explains the reasons for the violation of time and reveals that mankind is dying out. The fate of mankind – including men from hundreds of previous years of robotization is decided. The group confronts the creator of the time machine. They install the time machine on every Freighter and use it to arrive at the new star, slide backward in time and transmit their status in real time. The effect is that a freighter could travel hundreds of light years and report back in a week. Mankind begins to conquer the stars. Since no one actually becomes his or her ancestor, there is no causality violation.

Chapter 21 – November 15, 2877 – The Ludwig Leichhardt
Bobby001 returns to fix the time slowdown and confront the love of his life Luke. Captain Enso has a few careful words of advice.

Epilogue – set in 5755
Luke and Bobby001 have reconciled and lived together for five millennium exploring the stars. The robots are now nearly organic and the remaining humans are nearly robotic. The two races of sentient beings are merging into one race. Bobby001 still won’t reveal his true role in the causality violation. History changed for the better so rather than failing, the violation succeeded but not as anyone planned. Jimmy Smith was a failure but the response to him wasn’t so the agent sent back to change the past didn’t succeed but the response by those that defeated him changed the future for the better. Thus the causality violation never existed (oh wait, that’s paradoxical).