Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Factory (WT 25)

- A mannequin factory takes desparate measures to stave off bankruptcy. How far would you go? ---- On the other hand, a fifty year old man hopes to eventually become an Olympic statue
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The Mannequin Factory


Dave said...

The opening:

"Are you sure we're allowed to be here?" Caleb gawked at the empty factory. Stacks of fake arms and legs lay in on stainless steel equipment.

"Frank told me it was important. Last summer was so busy. This place is empty." Paul pointed to the worker's locker room, a ceramic block room at the far end of the factory.

"The building's cold. Don’t they have heat?" Caleb picked up the head of a mannequin with a marble black and silver finish.

"No silly, the equipment is hot enough when it's working. It's 85 or 90 degrees in the middle of winter." They jogged through the factory.

"I never saw so many body parts. These are all made from molds?"

"This is all I did the last three summers. Sculpt the master statue, cast it in alginate, release it, vacuum form the plastic master mold and then make several thousand mannequins."

"You make it sound so simple." They reached the worker's locker room.

"And boring. Come on, I want to be shaved and showered before Frank shows up. Stow your stuff in my locker"

Dave said...

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