Friday, October 05, 2007

(WT 28) The Body in the Bathroom

"Thanks to a nasty divorce, this house is a bargain -- five bedrooms, three baths, media room, pool, 5 acres sitting next to a county park, only used on Sundays for grandma's tea parties." The agent unlocked the double door and entered the grand hallway decorated in creams, reds and golds. Rick and Rhonda wrinkled their noses.

"Something smells and it ain't roses," Rick laughed.


Dave F. said...

I hope no one is reading this. I need a place online to store firebombs and brickbats. So if something is turned on that I don't know about. Don't read on if you are easily offended.

Ann Coulter's GUILTY
Well the girl is at it again. By the way - She's nearly 50 years old and still wears that cheesy, teenybopper black cocktail dress. If she were a man, I accuse her of a mid-life crisis (That's when men divorce their wives and date stupid young girls who think they actually love them). As it is, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy comes to mind but I can't really say why. Just one of those random thoughts

Anyway, without opening myself to libel and slander laws. I think Ann Coulter is a waste of almost everything good and blessed. My neighbor's horsies produce better manure.

Why am I saying this? She a hemorrhoid on the butthole of life. I bet that opened some eyeballs real wide. But I'll bet she has a lifetime contract with Preparation H where they supply industrial tubs of their product to keep her skinny and fit.

Why am I saying this? Because there are still people out there who believe her garbage and pay for her books so she can buy more cheesy black dresses that make her look like less of a lady than a pavement princess.

Dave F. said...

Another item for storage:

I kinda like her and she's pretty hot for a woman that's almost 50. I especially love the way she gets the far left all riled up. THat said, she is a bit TOO far to the right where religion stuff comes into play. She is almost as good as Jonah Goldberg.... :-)
So this is the level of politics you want to see in office? In the news? On editorial pages? Is this the level of discussion you want while the economy goes to hell in a hand basket? Is this the level of commentary we need when our soldiers are fighting overseas?

No. She is everything people hate in politics ad surprisingly, that is exactly what she wants, to drive good people away from politics and leave it to the crooked hacks. The same crooked hacks who sunk the economy and staffed the government with incompetent fools (like Horsie Brown of FEMA)... The same incompetent hack who decorated his office at taxpayer expense (Interior Dept). I don't think that I have to go on, do I?

Ann Coulter deals in garbage. She deals in lies, half lies and distortions.
Jonah Goldberg is another fool who lives on bile, venom and distortions.
So does Limbaugh ... So does O'Reilly. There's no truth about them, just play it controversial to make money. Anything offensive works. Nos substance, no thought, just shallow horseshit and vomit.

And yet you say she (and they) are enjoyable? How and why? She disrespects everything that I was taught to respect about the USA. She is vulgar and trashy. She plays to the lowest and basest instincts of humanity. She represents the people who hate you, and all gays, and all transsexuals, and all "others" in society...