Monday, May 26, 2008


This is a story about worms and Ragnarok.

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Dave F. said...

It's complete at 4000 words

Dave F. said...

Ths was the original opening.

Willy-Roy, our wingman and designated driver for the night stopped the SUV and opened the door. The smell of farm animals, the sound of night birds and the chill of spring accosted our senses. No moon. No streetlights. No stars. No nightlights. No motor noises, just the silence of the great outdoors greeted us.
The arboretum loomed even blacker in front of us. Old Man Emmenecker said his great-grandfather discovered this mossy mound because it sat all green and growing in the middle of winter, a hot mound in the middle of hot springs. He built a greenhouse over it and used it to grow exotic plants. Cody, his son and heir, turned the arboretum into our own private rubber bondage clubhouse.
We all piled into the cabin, lit the candles and stripped naked; six shaved pink bodies waiting to be clothed in rubber. My bare feet loved this mossy floor. The host spring kept it warm and soft, a natural mattress more comfortable than any man-made bed. A counter with sink, benches and gardening tools sat against one wall.

nemo said...

this looks...interesting...when are you going to release it?

Dave F. said...

This summer. I've already picked the April story.

Xander said...

The title also catches my interest for some reason as well. I look forward to this and that it might be the kind of thing I hope it is.

Dave F. said...

Well, I'm not sure what you hope it is. Nevertheless, I apologize for posting MUD MEN but the fickle finger of fate pointed at me and 12 hours later a story was ready and waiting. So MUD MEN got the May posting.

Thanks for the comment.

Xander said...

Don't apologise. It's your story and your site so you are welcome to share what you feel. The scifi and halloween stories tend to capture my interests better than stone and robot but I enjoy giving many of your stories a try. I really like how you handle scifi elements and was curious how you would handle worms in this context. I wanted to write something with the same title based more around my own interests but I always thought it too strange and extreme maybe, but I will enjoy reading where yours goes once you finally post it.

~ Xander

Bernita said...

Dave, thank you so much for your support at the Roast!