Monday, May 25, 2009

Monkey Men From Mars (WT 44)

Published on my website. Go, have fun reading it.

Sweat covered Gary Loopers' body. He pulled his damp t-shirt over his head and dropped his basketball shorts on the floor. Gary stood naked to the blast of cold air. Sean's pet, Mombe, a young male bonobo about five feet tall snatched the shorts, sniffed them and wrapped its arms around Gary's leg. He jumped as hairy hands fondled his privates and felt up his butt other. Gary grabbed the Mombe's wrists and pulled with all of his might.

In the Furry Folder on my website.


Mike Bladeless said...

Hmmm i see plots within plots....
Question: Will Monkey turn out to have been a guy ???? Will they take turns being the monkey ???? Will the monkey turn into a human ????

Dave F. said...

-- More than one man turns into a monkey (bonobo).
-- take turns? Well sort of take turns. It happens more than once.
-- No monkeys turn human. I haven't thought about that twist, yet

Dave F. said...

I published this on my website on Monday, 25 May 09.