Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Gray Wolves Also Dream (WT 46)

Two friends dress as wolves to go to a Halloween party and have a fateful meeting with a delivery truck.

Published in SWEET DREAMS AND NIGHT TERRORS, an anthology by Silent Fray in Paperback
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Dave F. said...

Here's the first few words:
Troy walked into the room holding his dopp kit in one hand and the wet washcloth in the other. Don't set that on me. I get water spots! thought the leather chair.

"What's this? A wolf mask?" Troy asked.

"Halloween costumes." Kent Sullivan the third answered. Troy sniffed the air several times.

"I smell a new cause. Do we get credit for your OCD? Like that summer we played Johnny Appleseed planting trees halfway across the United States and Biology gave us one credit. Or the winter we traced fluorescent whale shit in the South Seas and Environmental Studies gave us two?"

Nemo said...

This sounds interesting from the description. what's up with the leather chair though?

Dave F. said...

The furniture talks to him as he relates the story. It would spoil the ending to say why the furniture talks.

Nemo said...

So, whatever became of this story?

Dave F. said...

The first editor rejected it and the second hasn't back replied yet.

Bernita said...

Dave, Gray Wolf deserves to be expanded.I liked it VERY much, especially the talking furniture.
Only one niggle: in the beginning paragraphs you tack actions after the dialogue ( pouting, hooking his waistband, etc.) You might consider placing some before and in the middle to vary the pattern.

Dave F. said...

Thanks very much

Nemo said...

I liked this story, even if the ending was a bit odd. as Bernita said; this really should be expanded