Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scarecrow (WT 42b)

On January 28, 2009, Darkened Horizons published my horror story:

"The Scarecrow"

It is the story of friends, Wyatt and Ben, their dark secrets and the sacrifice one must make for the other to live. You will find it at this URL: Darkened Horizons --- click on the Publications link in the left hand corner. Darkened Horizons publishes through Lulu and Vol 6 is available in PDF (download) or print format (paperback and hardback).


Bevie said...

Way to go, Dave!

Anytime Wednesday, or should I wait until noon or something? I live in the Midwest. C.S.T.

Dave F. said...

I don't know, sometime Wednesday.

Bevie said...

Hi, Dave.

Unfortunately, "Darkened Horizons" uses dark colors (it makes sense), and my old, old monitor blends dark colors together so I can't read sites like that. I could barely see anything. Some day this poor old monitor is going to just go completely dark and I'll have to find the money to get a new one.

Sorry. You write so well. I know I'm missing something good.

Dave F. said...

Go to this link:

Darkened Horizons doesn't post stories online, they sell downloads

Bevie said...

Oh. Sorry. That's what I get for having an old monitor.