Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I swore I was never going to write a werewolf story, but this happened. It's going to magazines, so you have to be patient if you want to read it.

In the Halloween folder:

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Dave F. said...

First 157 words:

"Candygram for Mister Mongo!" Peter said. He stood on the porch in a tight black suit with a rebel cap holding the jumbo-heart-attack size of Russell Stover's chocolate-covered nuts in one hand and flourished his other hand for drama. Six twelve and thirteen year-old boys wearing makeshift ghost outfits stood around him holding up black bags.

"Oh what a scary costumes! Aren't you kids out a bit late for trick-or-treating?" Larry snarked. He dropped bite-sized candy in the bags. The tallest kid put his hands on his hips like he needed another chocolate before starvation.

"Aw gee thanks Mister. Everyone else is giving candy bars and you're dropping bunny turds. Are you poor or something?" The others chimed their disdain.

"I can pass a kidney stone. Would satisfy you?" Larry's wrinkled his faced and growled at the kid who dared defy him. His eyes flashed red and the kid's face went pale. "Now begone ya little pests."