Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cyborg Harrow Genesis (WT 54)

What would happen if micromachines, nannites, could turn human soldiers into metal and silicone weapons of war. Would humanity survive the war or would the nannites simply take over everything and declare peace with the other nannites?  Only one man can save the world of flesh and blood humanity from destruction. What is the price he must pay?

Published in NOIR, an anthology in memory of Chuck Turner edited by Chris Bartholomew of Static Movement. Available from AMAZON in print and CREATE SPACE in print.


Dave F. said...

This is the way a story starts:

1: Idea -- turning someone into a GI-Joe figure.

2: Initial lines that might work or 150 words that encapsulate the story... (Chances are these lines won't survive the editing process):
The hunky young man says: "Why the hell do I need to get this stuff painted on my butt and these goofy lines around my shoulders and elbows?"

The movie director says. "You're playing a GI-Joe action figure come to life. It's got to look authentic."

The paint artist says: "It's only a dye. It will wash off in a week."

The hunky young man says: "But,
insert another objection."

The paint artist says: "I told you. We put dark lines accentuation your delts, your biceps and triceps, your elbows, your waist, your hips and knees and ankles. The CGI folks will use the lines to make you look like the action figure."

The hunky young man says: "They'll still see my physique, won't they?"

The paint artist says: "Of course, you're perfect; broad shoulders and thick lats tapering to a narrow but well-muscled abdomen, bubble butt, football player thighs and all muscle, no fat. Boy, you got the GI-Joe muscles, the height, the rugged looks and hard body. I'm going to make you a movie star while you playact a GI-Joe action figure.

Dave F. said...

The next step is naming the main characters. I find names are important to me.

Dave F. said...

I saw a video where a naked man is spray painted with black rubber and the rubber is left to dry on his body. It's like painting but black, slick and sexy looking.

Dave F. said...

And a few days later and the first draft is almost complete.

The opening is up on EE's "Continue and Opening section of his blog. It's titled GUNSHOT.

Someone is going to write a funny ending for the opening and then the minions will get to make comments on the opening. You ought to try it sometime.

Nemo said...

Interesting idea. I tried the site link but couldn't find the story.

Dave F. said...

That's because I'm still writing it.

Dave F. said...

I should say that the story "Cyborg" is 20,000 words. It takes time to write and edit all that.

Anonymous said...

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Dave F. said...

I'm looking for a publisher.