Monday, May 16, 2011

Astronomers on the Beach (WT 57)

The Anthology COSMIC CATASTROPHES, edited by Chris Bartholomew

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My story, Astronomers on the Beach, appears in it:

What do you do with the crew of a spaceship when you colonize a world? Twelve Cities abandons them on the planet with the rest of the colonists. What kind of jobs do abandoned astronomers try to find? Would you believe internet videos of a stone man in large caverns? That works out well for two of the crew.
However, something is up there, in the sky.
A meteor is falling toward the planet like the Sword of Damocles and when it strikes, it will thwart the best laid plans of astronomers and colonists alike.


Semi Permanent Make Up said...
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Dave Fragments said...

I delete spam so don't post any

Dave Fragments said...

This story was a struggle. It underwent three major transformations and maybe the latest will make it good enough to publish.

Every time I looked at it something else went wrong with the story. The dialog didn't work on that line. The title wasn't descriptive enough. The slang twisted it the wrong way. The love interests stopped into erotica (and that's bad for 99% of journals, antho's and ezines). This fact no longer agreed with that fact.

It was like a barracuda twisting and turning. So maybe between today and last night, I got it right.

Dave Fragments said...

EE 730