Monday, April 26, 2010

(WT 55) Treasure Hunters

My creature from the black lagoon story. It's hard to say if any story will actually appear. Treasure hunters in the deep, deep ocean.

Update: I posted a portion of the story on the website.


Dave F. said...

Wikipedia: The Milwaukee Deep is the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, with a maximum depth of 28,231 feet (8605 meters) and is part of the Puerto Rico Trench. Its location at 19°35'N, 66°30'W, is just 84 miles (135 km) north of the coast of Puerto Rico. This ocean floor feature is named for the USS Milwaukee (CL-5), a U.S. Navy Omaha class cruiser, which discovered the Milwaukee Deep on February 14, 1939.

Dave F. said...

An excerpt:
"Gentlemen, welcome to Amalgamated Oceanics. You are here because you are swimmers, nitrox-certified deep-sea divers or hard-as-nails muscle heads. Point one, we will establish our headquarters underwater. If any of you have doubts about living underwater, leave now."

"I ain't living in any cubicle underwater for five years. This dog ain't giving up his booty calls for your hairy butts."

"Maybe yours, maybe mine, not plausible Red," Tighe answered. Bulldog ignored Tighe and hefted his duffle bag onto his shoulder. Half the men in the room left with Bulldog.

"Point two, we require a fiver-year contract with security clearance and secrecy waivers," Commodore Tenbrook added..

"Might pass, might not, possible maybe," Dane poked Tighe's shoulder. The remaining men picked up their belongings and left, all except Tighe, Dane and Lert.

"Point three, never ask boys to do something difficult; they sill say no. But ask men to do the impossible and they rise to the occasion. Tell me, does the prospect of being the first men to dive to the bottom of the Milwaukee Deep scare you?" Tighe nearly choked on his own spit. Lert index fingers circled his ears.

"The Milwaukee Deep?" Dane's voice echoed off the walls of the empty room. "In the middle of the Altantic Trench. You ain't Howard Hughes and the Glomar Explorer is drilling for oil in Indonesia."

"No two ways about it, the man's crazy." Tighe covered his mouth and turned away from Tenbrook, trying to conceal his laughter

Rubberdeve said...

Nice intro..!
so only two men's this a story where these guys will meet something like an alien underwater creature..or will they get used to wear special and complicate heavy gear suits to accomplish their job there..?
guess they will need to breath a special mixtue into the underwater base; perhaps something that will permanently convert their lungs..they don't know they will never resurface as humans
there could be an ultimate heavy rubber dive suit to be used for that job; but it could be something permanent; a suit you can't never remove from your body. those guys could be converted into living suits
the guys that are leaving the room could join the job later, so that they will meet their converted friends
is that all..?..hope you like the ideas. let me know about this..bye

Dave F. said...

The current story "The Devils in the Deep Blue Sea" is about men transformed to live underwater.

"First Contact Antarctica" is about several men who turn into sea creatures by two rather odd aliens at the South Pole.

"Poseidon's Bounty" in the Furry folder is about a man turned into a squid-like statue. Think of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

"When They Made Jason" in the Sci Fi folder is about a man turned into a merman.

"Aquarium"in the furry folder is about men turning into fishes.

"Just Another Fish in the Sea" is about teens turning into dolphins.

Rubberdeve said... seems you are writing a prequel of the story "Devils in the Deep Blue Sea", how all this started..
i think it would be a nice exsercise of human transformation, phisical and mental..
mine are thoughs perhaps for an another story, maybe similar in plot, but different in body mods (i mean..i think about permanent encasement into dive suits and so on..)

Dave F. said...

I actually wrote how all this started. That's the backstory and it served its purpose but it wasn't interesting enough to post.