Thursday, December 01, 2011

Who Wants To Date An Alien (WT 65)

Can a dating show be a weapon of mass destruction? In a bizarre twist of events, an anthropoid lizard and a Tentacle with a big mouth rudely interrupt a man's morning shower. Are they Impresarios from another planet or terrorists unleashing the most dread weapon in the galaxy? Before you can say "Inquiring Minds Want to Know" a mountain is teleported above a capital city and starts to fall...

"FIRST CONTACT IMMINENT" an anthology edited by Joe Jablonksi
published by RED SKIES PRESS

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Rubberdeve said...

willing volunteers for being a prize..?
the human taken by aliens could appear on the show, already wearing some kind of alien spacesuit, as they will be taken in an envirnoment not suitable for humans..
they could be "frozen" in silicone pods for the space travel
and..will they be used for weird experiement, or tested for human/alien conversions, or used as slaves (with some kind of body mods as giant or multiple cocks transformation..)
waiting comments my friend..bye..LOL

Dave F. said...

Let's see if I can answer your questions in a way that makes sense.

He isn't a willing volunteer, just willing to participate because the aliens "adjusted" his mind.

He's naked. The device is a Star Trek-like teleportor. It doesn't need explanation. No long voyages, no suspended animation, no strange environments.

Experiments? No think of the old Tommy Kirk movie - MARS NEEDS WOMEN and substitute sperm.

Rubberdeve said...

hello friend.. could be taken to the alien planet..and used as a sperm producer slave..attached to sort of machine which milks him for life..
he could be body mod in order to produce large amounts of sperm or he could become a living sperm being..
bye and thanks for answering my weird fantasies. see you soon here..!

Bernita said...

Think this is a solid premise, Dave - and one to have fun with.

Dave F. said...

It's a comedy. The premise came from this post on EE's blog:

I liked Schemecky the Blue Tentacle so much, I used him in the story.