Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Toads Croaked at Midnight (WT 66)

A movie stuntman who is a touch too greedy and too clueless for his own good and makes a deal with a pair of demons for a big movie contract that has implications for the rest of his life.

Published 26 June 2011 here on The WiFiles.
Or after 3 July 2011 at this link: The WiFiles.


Bernita said...

Dave, it's one hellava great title!

Nemo said...

Honestly don't know why the shop keeper always has to be evil....

Maybe it would be cool if he got rescued my a potential love interest.

And because of the title, why not go with a frog costume

Dave F. said...

My shopkeeper always turns into some bland hero or villain. I've treated those characters as merely change agents. They unleash the costume and manipulate the circumstances to reward good and punish evil. This story, I decided to have two seemingly peripheral characters save the main character and punish the shop owner.

No one character has to be "evil" but sometimes the characters speak to me in my dreams and in my thoughts and they aren't nice people.

The other character who (right now) we think of as the shopkeeper's victim, is not a lover. He's a jerk and a bit money hungry.

AS for the title, it's my 5 word inspiration right now, so it stays. I still don't know why or how the toads croak at midnight but if they don't, I'll find a new title. I've penciled in an ugly costume while I try to figure things out in my head. "Ugly" is just a place keeper right now.