Friday, March 09, 2012

Circus Extravagansis (WT 87)

Mankind dashes out into the galaxy after aliens give them long distance spaceflight but all is not fortune, glory and adventure. The alien races resent Earthlings for their chaotic and anarchic practices. When four young men from broken homes start sneaking into Circus Extravagansis and stealing the publicity, the leaders of the Circus involve them in a conspiracy of three ring proportions. But Earthlings are not loved and cherished. When the curtain falls on our little drama, four young men find new roles in the Circus; roles that they never expected.

Published in LEGENDS UNSPOKEN, an anthology from Fantastic Horror in electronic formats.
Also, an Amazon kindle edition
And on print at AMAZON


Dave Fragments said...

The story is finished and being edited.

Dave Fragments said...

finished and submitted to a journal