Monday, June 27, 2011

The Hot Tub Murder (WT 92)

On a world populated by Human-Animal hybrids, a vacationing human is found dead in a hot tub. It is up to seasoned detective, Elias Carson incarnated as a satyr, a green rookie incarnated as a wolf and a prosecutor incarnated as an anteater to solve the world's first murder. What they find is not a Royal conspiracy to cheat death, taxes and society but a cold-blooded, heartless murderer, willing to do anything to keep up appearances.

Accepted in "WILL IT GO FASTER IF I PUSH THIS" an anthology edited by C.D. Turner and published by Static Movement.

Or Amazon for slightly more: WIGFIIP

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Toads Croaked at Midnight (WT 66)

A movie stuntman who is a touch too greedy and too clueless for his own good and makes a deal with a pair of demons for a big movie contract that has implications for the rest of his life.

Published 26 June 2011 here on The WiFiles.
Or after 3 July 2011 at this link: The WiFiles.

(WT 97) Waste Not, Want Not

A zombie story with an airborne plague virus

(WT 96) Never Again Fear the Dark

Apocalyptic tale of alien satellites isolating the earth.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Poems: "Morning Glen" and "Festive Rapping"

Two poems: "Morning Glen" and "Festive Rapping"

Published in Poems from the Dark Side, George Wilhite editor.

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At Amazon: Poems From the Dark Side