Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Day the Meth Lab Exploded (WT 113)

I'm in a cheap motel in Secaucus with two near-naked, drug-addicted ass-hats. That sounds like a throw away line from a cheap musical. The Braniac would demand funky jazz like--I’m in a cheap motel with two half naked drug addicts in Secaucus--with a high note on Secaucus. The ass-hats stare. I'm giddy from entering multiple time portals. My targets are smoking pot on a fire escape next to a room filled with ether. They will soon to be suitable for pauper's graves. 

So begins The Day the Meth Lab Exploded - buy it here: click here

Published by Lulu in PORTALS - an anthology of Portals, passageways, doors into infinity and who knows what else... the mere thought of escaping into something unknown or being taken into it without your knowledge or will to go there, surely that's one of the scariest things that can happen to you.
So, let the clever Thirteen O'clock authors loose with a topic like Portals and the result is a collection of vastly different stories exploring the theme in many different ways. (170 pages)

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