Wednesday, November 12, 2014

His Master's Voice (156)

In an abandoned warehouse, detectives find the latest victim of a serial kill and a rookie goes underground to find the killer in a world of S&M, rubber, and dog-boys. 

Quote: “The killer tags them just like they were pets. We think they might be runaways, street people, homeless or failed at life in some way. These are the itinerant workers, waiters in cheap dives, jitney drivers, hustlers. This gig must seem like heaven, playacting in costume, decent food,” Arborghast said. A Tech held a veterinary scanner up against the deceased man’s shoulder. It registered the number of a dog license. He tapped the screen and the name “Buddy” and a street address appeared. 

From "His Master's Voice" page 178.

Available in NEON & BLOOD, an anthology
Paperback at Lulu

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