Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rannoch Abbey and the Night Visitor (WT 41)

On the Vigil of Easter in Rannoch, Scotland in 1155 AD, a flying saucer crashed into the bog near a church and and monks must fight the alien invasion.

Published in MONK PUNK, an anthology edited by AJ French and available at the Static Movement Book Store.
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Dave F. said...

I started to write this. The opening will read like nothing I've ever written.

mike bladeless said...

Very Cinematic.... Hmm THX sound effects... Industrial light and Magic at the ready... The earth and stone floors vibrate. The stained glass cascades down... A chill runs down the spines of the audience as they try to eat their popcorn and burgers...

Sorry got a little carried away
mike bladeless

Dave F. said...

I posted the opening here to shorten the front page.

Possible opening:
In the year of Our Lord 1155, Benedictine Monks gathered in the Abbey at Rannock to celebrate the vigil of Easter. The invited faithful knelt with beads in hand and candles as the monks set about performing the ritual kindling of fire to enlighten the Abbey. By the light of newly created fire, the Pillar of Fire that plundered Egypt and the symbol of the risen lord, the deacons intone the "Exsultet."
"Rejoice oh Earth. Exalt all Creation. This is the night when Jesus Christ broke the chains of death and rose triumphant from the grave. This is the night when heaven is wedded to earth and man is reconciled with God!"
The roar of a thousand storms filled the Abbey and with the noise, a light as bright as the sun appeared in the western sky. It traveled to the East, casting a harsh blue-white light through the stained glass windows. The faithful signed themselves holding their crucifixes and candles high as talismans against evil.

Mrs V said...

Sounds good. Can you tell us why an advanced culture, who would have had advanced weaponry, could be detroyed by flea-ridden peasants.

Dave F. said...

The crash landing of the spaceship - only one or two aliens are left alive and he/she is seriously hurt. When the locals find him, they kill them. They spaceship being self-repairing seals itself and sinks into the moor. The spaceship zaps the townsmen and monks with an energy weapon, but with its crew dead, it is essentially a doorknob.