Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who Let The Dogs Out (WT 63)

Charlie Crampon, a college student returning from his father's memorial service, meets up with two strange dogs that turn out to be anthromorphs and when they return to human form, they involved Charlie in a strange and life altering affair. Or so we think because nothing is as it appears to be.

published in ROAD TRIP, edited by Chris Bartholomew at Static Movement Book Store


Nemo said...

This one sounds interesting. I've always liked your costume stories. I kind of like it when the transformation isn't permanent though.

Dave F. said...

I can assure you that Charlie's transformation isn't permanent.

I had trouble writing any sensible meeting between two parties in an internet cafe and discussing their upload. I mean, how do you make that dialog in any way compelling or exciting? It wasn't working for me when I started writing the story.

The solution was that Charlie sees the dogs and a few minutes later, meets a man in a dog costume and watches the real, live transformation of the second man. I could easily make that compelling enough for the reader to stick around until the end of the story.

Nemo said...

well, it's just my personal preference. I just know you have a thing for it.

yeh, that sounds a little better. Then he wants to get in on the action.